16 pictures of curious cats who never tire of exploring their environment

Our friends the cats are really curious and never stop exploring the smallest corners of the house. As you can see on these pictures.

Cats are curious and quick-witted creatures. So it’s not surprising to see them spending their time sneaking into every little corner of the house. They consider their home to be their territory for play and exploration, which is something their owners give them credit for.

Here are 16 photos of curious cats who never tire of exploring their environment.

1. His owner would never have looked for him in his desk drawer if he hadn’t heard him meowing

2. Cats have turned into predators of human fingers wandering around on the keyboard

3. His owners have no idea how he ended up on the chandelier

4. His cat discreetly stands at his post while he is showering

5. His owner just installed this brand new, clean toilet that immediately turned into an exploration ground

6. The table that swallows balls was a mystery to the cat who was quick to break through it

7. Their cat is an exception that does not confirm any rule about the relationship between felines and bats

8. This cat moves his basket from the kitchen counter to the sink in search of the perfect sleeping spot

9. This cat seems to have made some shocking discoveries in its owners’ underwear drawer

10. This cat was hiding inside the couch, a place that was unknown to the human race

11. Their cat climbed onto the bird feeder without regard to the 2 meters between it and the ground

12. A cat that wanted to explore the backstage of the washing machine and soon regretted it

13. This cat is currently on the ceiling next to the neon tube

14. The cat’s attack on the defenseless sofa is imminent

15. Their cat was repeatedly exploring the refrigerator so they had to put a small lock on it

16. This cat knows the kitchen cupboards like the back of his hand

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