She Sheds Tears Because For The First Time She Feels Human Love

She was a homeless mother, completely exhausted as far as we could tell,

she is young, but pregnant. We cannot imagine her past. Her body is full of scabs, infection. Only skin and bones remain of Luli.

My heart is broken, I want to hug her and beg for forgiveness. Alejandra kept her safe, and luck brought her to me. Lily was a little scared, she had never felt human love.

 I want to call her Luna because she is amazing. We met and from now on we will be together forever.

Lyulia is doing well, she was washed and given antibiotics. After 2 weeks, the sweet girl has changed a lot. She has become much more beautiful. She is better, but she needs a home, a bed ….

Update: 2 months later she officially has a new family and a beautiful home.

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