A 2-year-old kid has had his skull reconstructed. He was given a puppy that looks exactly like him.

Branson Figueroa, 2 years old, England, had high fluid pressure in his brain and needed skull surgery. The surgery was a success. Branson’s parents decided to thank him for his bravery by giving him a dog to cheer him up.

Branson named the Boston terrier Thanos, after his favorite “Avengers” character. At their Nottingham home, the two dogs became good friends, lying on the carpet, playing tug-of-war with their socks, and cuddling. After a few days, however, the parents discovered something unusual about their new pet.

Thanos began to snooze a lot and rock his body a little. Sometimes he would walk and fall over,” says his mother, Heather Figueroa, 32.

Doctors told Thanos that he might need the same treatment as her son, and an MRI scan and surgery to relieve pressure on the puppy’s brain were performed. Thanos’ test results were delayed because the veterinary clinic was closed due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, citizens began donating funds for Thanos’ surgery.

Branson’s mother said, “You have no idea how important this is to us.” My husband’s income is the only source of income for our family of five.” Our experience with Branson left us with no idea where to look for money to pay for the dog’s surgery. Heather explains, “It really is a miracle.”

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