A bereft dog sits expectantly at the front entrance, waiting for her owner to return from the hospital.

A lonely dog waiting for his owner’s return at the door.

Leia has always been a self-sufficient pet, yet she appreciated each family member in her own unique way. Surprisingly, Leia’s strongest bond turned out to be with her father. Katie’s father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after her parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

He was taken to the hospital and kept there for days. When Katie’s mother returned home from the hospital, she noticed a moving scene and worried that Leia had been abandoned.

She patiently stood with her head down by the front door, waiting for her “father” to return.

Fortunately, after a short while, Katie’s father returned and Leia could hardly contain her joy. The two were overjoyed at the painful reunion.

Katie was traveling a lot, so she discussed the matter with her parents and decided to leave Leia with them.

Moreover, she has such a wonderful bond with her father.

When it comes to loyalty, Leia is a prime example. Dad is Leia’s only and devoted owner,” Katie explains.

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