A brave stray cat rescued an abandoned baby’s life by warming him with her body and preventing him from freezing to death.

The courageous behavior of animals never ceases to amaze humankind. In particular, their maternal instincts and ability to sense danger are extraordinary.

Masha, a lovely long-haired Russian cat, is a shining example of courageous behavior motivated by maternal instinct. She saved an abandoned infant from dying.

As a stray cat, Masha was very lovable and was fed daily by kind-hearted neighbors. Even when it was cold, she was allowed to stay in the house for a bit to keep warm. Irna Lavola is one of the lovely people who regularly feeds these adorable kittens.

The 68-year-old widow was about to take out the trash one winter day when she noticed strange noises coming from her basement.

At first she didn’t know what the sound was, but upon closer listening she realized it was the mewing of a kitten. This must be Masa.

Worried that she might be hurt, I ran to check on her. She found a box with a baby in it in the basement downstairs.

Irna was flabbergasted to see the poor, defenseless baby lying on the cold, damp basement floor. Marcia was sitting next to the abandoned infant. Police officials estimated that he was about three months old. Thanks to Masha, the baby was warmed up and rescued. No one knows how long Masha stayed with the baby, protecting and warming him. If it had not been for Masha, the baby might have died of frostbite.

When the ambulance arrived, Masha followed the medical personnel, worried about her newborn. Marcia sat on the street waiting for the ambulance to return long after the child had been taken to the hospital.

Authorities said the child was in good condition and began searching for her parents. Marsha, a brave tabby cat, is now not only being fed by a neighbor, but has been adopted by a loving man. She deserves a warm home for the rest of her life.

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