A Chinese marvel – panda puppies that look just like actual panda bears were coming from a mongrel dog.”

In a small town in China’s Jiangsu Province, three puppies resembling panda cubs were born. The mother of these adorable puppies is basically a mongrel, and everyone who saw them was astonished by their appearance.

Lin Su, the owner of the dog that gave birth to the strange puppies, was amazed to see that all three puppies were the same shade as the pandas. They look nothing like their parents. This is because the mother, as well as the father, is completely gray and inconspicuous.

The panda cubs were soon discovered by the media. And photos of the young “panda” were spread around the world on the Internet. Lin receives hundreds of bids for pets every day, but she is in no rush to sell the puppies.

– I won’t sell them because they’re too small yet. Besides, I don’t want to give them away. They are adorable. Real pandas don’t consume bamboo even if you put them next to it! Lin Su jokes.

The public as well as experts are interested in the puppies, as there is a good chance that a new breed of panda-colored dogs will be born.

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