A Christmas miracle occurs when a bus driver locates two missing dogs and assists them in returning home in time for the holidays.

Jamie Grabowski, a Milwaukee bus driver, is a dog lover herself.

If she had not been paying attention, she simply would not have noticed two purebred, trembling dogs in the road.

The four-legged companions escaped from the yard and got lost when they were unsupervised. The family searched all night, but the “boy” was nowhere to be found.

It was midnight when the bus driver, Jamie Grabowski, returned to the park after the field trip. The outdoor temperature had plummeted to 20 degrees. Being the caring person that she is, she knew she couldn’t leave the shivering and bewildered glamorous men untouched.

She urged these two daredevils to “get on” her bus.

“Hey, you two,” the narrator said, “I’m here. It’s time to go home now. She says.” Come on, get inside.”

The four-legged passenger was vivacious and eagerly jumped on the bus, tail wagging. The driver notified authorities and a dog caretaker was dispatched to assist the two passengers.

They were then transported to the Milwaukee State Pet Control Board, where the purebred dog’s owners were quickly found and the travelers were reunited with their family in time for Christmas.

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