A cleft lip cat becomes the best buddy of a little girl who was born with the same problem.

Before her baby was born, Caitlin Cusack learned that her daughter would be different from the others. Doctors advised the expectant mother that her child would definitely be born with cleft lips and other deformities. Ivy was born in the year 2019. She was born with a cleft in her upper palate, as doctors had predicted.

The girl had to undergo multiple painful plastic surgeries throughout her first year of life. She was completely healed by the time she was two years old.

It was then discovered that the toddler had been obsessed with cats for the first two years of her life. The young family had an adult cat in their home. However, the cat did not want to be the little girl’s playmate by any means.

So the parents decided to adopt a small, healthy cat for their daughter. They then decided to leave her at a shelter. At that time, a friend of Caitlin’s gave her a picture of Sargent Pepper. Pepper had a crack in her mouth and looked like no one would want to take her in. And since Caitlin’s husband adored the Beatles, it was a wonderful coincidence that the cat was named after the hero of that album.

As with the girl, the volunteers paid for the surgery to correct the cat’s birth defect. The surgery was a success and the kitten was once again happy and healthy. The kitten was an ideal match for Ivy and they spent a lot of time together, playing together and sleeping together on the couch after a long and tiring day of fussing.

This story was told by volunteers and they received a grant of $25,000. This covered the cost of Sargent Pepper’s surgery.

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