A colorful parrot and his odd partner started a family. The children were found to be more attractive than their parents.

On Twitter, this adorable parakeet garnered a lot of attention. But after meeting his one and only girlfriend, he turned into a true reality TV hero.

This adorable little chicken used to lead a completely normal single life. She did what she liked, hopped here and there, and no one seemed to mind the feathers that wrapped around her cage.

But the owner, worried that he would become bored if left alone, bought an excellent pet animal.

They fell in love at first sight. The pair became inseparable for life.

Soon after, little chicks appeared.

A short time later, the first feathers sprouted.

A few weeks later, these little guys had transformed into delightful parrots.

And everyone was pleased with their appearance.

They inherited all the best qualities of their mother and father.

A fine parrot family, they charmed the hearts of many, not just their mistresses.

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