A dog abandoned at a gas station in China spends nearly a month travelling 37 kilometers home.

The owner accidentally left his dog at a gas station. The dog traveled more than 37 kilometers to get back to his family. The owner started the journey with his dog, named Doudou.

However, at a gas station, the dog inadvertently jumped out of the car. When the owner returned home, he had already noticed Doudou’s disappearance: he had been missing for about seven hours. The next day, the family thought the dog had been forgotten and went looking for it at the gas station; they searched the area for nearly two hours and talked to passersby, but no one saw the four-legged creature.

After that, he made several more trips, all unsuccessful.

The owner was no longer convinced that he could get Dou back. He only prayed that someone would come to rescue Douwei. But a month later, a lost pet showed up on their doorstep. The dog was able to find his home 37 miles away from the forgotten place and return safely. But he was filthy and malnourished. Doudou was quickly fed and washed. He lost a lot of weight, but was not injured. Now surrounded by his loving family, his eyes shine brightly again.

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