A few hours after her dog died, the child spotted her dog in the sky, and she isn’t the only one.

When a beloved pet passes away, we look for anything that would indicate that it is in the best possible place.

Lucy Ledgeway begged and pleaded for a sign that her 14-year-old dog, who died on June 20, was now wherever he was. And she found it.

“My dog died this morning in my father’s arms,” she said. “Minutes before we went to the clinic,” we drove off that day to get our heads together, I broke down crying and begging for a sign that she was okay.

“This is what I saw in the sky,” Lucy Ledgeway, 19, said of her dog Sunny on her Twitter page. Sunny was 14 years old when she passed away. When Lucy begged for a sign that her pet was safe, she saw this cloud

This is Lucy and Sunny, the couple. See how happy they are together.

Lucy was sitting in her car at the spot where little Sunny had her seizure and died. It was then that she noticed a cloud in the sky that looked like Sunny’s face. As Lucy and her partner drove past the spot where she and Sunny once took a walk, the cloud took on the shape of a dog’s face. According to Lucy, Sunny thus told her family that she was fine. Lucy claims that her partner was surprised by what she witnessed. And the woman says it was a memory she will never forget.

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