A little dog that had been tortured and abandoned is so relieved to be saved that he buries his face in the arms of the savior.

A sickly little dog lived in a garage behind an apartment building in St. Louis.

Locals had been dumping unwanted items and furniture in the garage for years, unaware that the furry resident was there.

While getting used to such a life, Chowder prayed for a miracle…. Chowder experienced the miracle of his life when a good man found him on a rainy day.

As he fed and watered the puppy, he was taken aback by Chowder’s faith.

“As soon as I approached, Chowder jumped out and greeted me,” he said, “He is a genuinely kind person.” He was relieved that someone had been so kind to him.” The man adds.

The man also contacted Stray Rescue to take care of Chowder, and one of the volunteers promptly came to pick up the puppy.

The boy also seemed to trust the rescue team and they brought him safely to the shelter. Chowder hugged the volunteer all the way to the car and seemed to be truly grateful to her for saving him.

And at the shelter, he opened up even more and you could see the joy in his eyes at being rescued.

The dog had a serious eye infection, which the veterinarian discovered and began treating. The veterinarian sent Chowder to a temporary home once he had recovered a bit and was no longer stressed.

Chowder is a wonderful, well behaved, loving and appreciative young man.

After all that has happened, he has a new life and now lives in perfect safety and love. They will begin looking for a permanent owner once this infant recovers.

Let’s pray that this wonderful young man finds the perfect family.

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