A man buried a cat and returned home the next morning.

Pets are like family, and it is heartbreaking to lose them. Nathan Sonoras of Michigan clearly adored his black cat, Loki.

When he arrived at his girlfriend’s residence, he noticed a black spot. Nathan recognized the fallen cat as something he had seen before.

It was Loki. Nathan recognized it.

The cat was buried near Nathan’s girlfriend’s house, not far from where another cat was buried. Nathan was about to drive his father to work in the morning when he heard a noise.

This is Loki!

Nathan was surprised because he had buried this cat. A solution was soon discovered. Obviously he buried someone else’s pet, just like Loki.

Nathan is going to implant a chip in the cat to track his movements, but the animal should be able to walk.

The man regrets stealing someone’s cat and making the owner think he was gone. He puts a collar on his pet and advises him to stop on the road if he notices it.

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