A man sobs when he sees his missing 19-year-old cat for the first time in seven years.

Implanting a chip under a pet’s skin is a common treatment. When a California man lost his cat Chevon, he thought the chip might help him recover.

He had even put off moving to another city for a year because of his attachment to his cat. But no matter how he searched, there were no results. It remained unnoticed. Eventually, the owner gave up and moved to Ohio.

Then, out of nowhere, a local brought the homeless cat to a shelter in California.

The cat was dehydrated, hungry, and had apparently been living on the streets. However, during an examination, he discovered that it had been fitted with a microchip and discovered that the “orphan” had a family. When the man learned of Chebon’s discovery, it was hard to believe that it had happened so many years later.

However, upon arriving at the shelter, he met his cat for the first time. What’s more, Chebon knew his owner and immediately took him into the owner’s arms. In other words, despite the fact that it took seven years, he was able to bring the cat home with a simple operation.

Modern chips are similar to animal passports in that they do not have GPS transmitters.

Therefore, if lost, one can only hope that a caring person will meet the homeless animal and transport it to a clinic or shelter. Only then can they learn that the chip has been implanted and contact the owner.

It is a wonder that Chebon was able to exist for so long without being noticed.

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