A patient woman gets her 17 cats and dogs to pose for a great family portrait.

People love to take pictures of their dogs, but the creatures clearly don’t share their excitement.

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, it’s hard to get your pet to pose for you and you end up with a lot of blurry photos…how hard can it be when you have not just one pet, but 17!!!

On the other hand, Kathy Smith from Wales did the unthinkable by gathering all of her cats and dogs, 17 in total, in one place for a charming family photo… Katie’s love of animals is undeniable, even though she is over 30 years old.

Here are photos of eight dogs and nine cats, including Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm, and Misha.

She also has 4 parrots, a fish, and a hedgehog. Katie decided one day to capture all of her dogs and cats in one photo.

But Katie made it happen. But it was not an easy task.

First, the dogs were collected because they were docile. The cats, on the other hand, did not immediately understand what she wanted and scattered three times.

Then, for a moment, all 17 pets were in position, staring straight at the camera.

The woman adds, “I was elated when I realized I had gotten such a great, almost family photo.”

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