A sad stray cat was rescued and this is the change!

Every cat deserves a good home, no matter what the circumstances. So it’s good to know that there are many kind people who go the extra mile to make sure the cats they shelter have a better life.

A kind woman named Marie Eve, who lives in a small town, is one such person. She found a kitten in her neighborhood and knew she had to help.

The poor thing was covered in mud with a messy coat and was clearly in distress. The sadness in her eyes almost broke her heart.

So she decided to take the kitten off the streets. Marie Eve had difficulty catching the kitten, and it was clear that the kitten did not socialize much with humans.

He had been avoiding the traps she had set for him for nearly three weeks, but he was hungry and could no longer tolerate food.

And Marie Eve breathed a sigh of relief. Marie Eve breathed a sigh of relief and we tried to place her at a shelter, but there were no openings, so we placed her with a veterinarian. Chaton Orphelans offered to foster the kitten and provide further medical care as well as rehabilitation.

She had a large abscess on her cheek and was covered in war wounds. His ears appeared to be frostbitten, indicating that he had spent at least one winter outside.

The vet said he would not make it through another winter in this condition, so Marie Eve apparently saved him in the nick of time.

Named Matthew, he grew up in a foster home where he received all the love and attention he could handle.

He quickly came out of his shell and began to trust those around him, and before long he was begging for cuddles.

He lived a very different life than he did before Marie Eve sheltered him on the streets.

Two months after his shelter, Matthew was taken in by a loving forever home. The sadness in his eyes is completely gone and he is now filled with joy.

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