A stray kitten finds his way home with his future owner and the two become inseparable best friends.

Often, pets are chosen of their own volition.

Sometimes, however, they become owners of homeless animals that happen to be on the street.

As a young man, Joe never thought he would one day own a cat.

Moreover, he would have a little four-legged vagrant who would simply walk behind him. Joe was, in fact, not a big cat lover.

That day, Joe went for a walk with his dog, Belle. His companion was casually strolling along when the man observed a kitten. Joe was catching up with the anxiously meowing child. It was a small grayish-white creature that looked hungry and lonely. The child was hungry, lonely, and in need of something to support him. And to keep up with its pet, it followed Joe. Apparently, the poor animal sensed that this person would not pass by and would definitely help the kitten.

And so it did. ……

The young man was moved by the kitten’s plight.

Joe was suffering from severe depression at the time. And he had faced many adversities throughout his life. In fact, he needed warmth as much as the little cat did, prompting the hero of the story to rescue the kitten from the streets. He then placed the kitten in a warm blanket, fed it, and introduced it to Belle so that it could become part of his new family.

Joe was convinced that the kitten would come into their home.

Joe named the cat Leo and began taking him everywhere he went. The young man said, “I don’t want him to be alone in a home without an owner ever again.” So little Leo followed Joe wherever he went.

Leo went everywhere with Joe and soon became famous. Every passerby wanted to give Joe’s gorgeous four-legged buddy a brush, and the cat didn’t seem to mind.

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