A stray pit bull dog Daya found solace in caring after an orphaned dog named Raisin after she lost her babies.

Two disgruntled stray dogs find solace in each other through the trials of life. Many were moved by this terrifying story that showed that with love, kindness, and devotion, any difficulty can be overcome.

York Animal Control officers noticed a stray dog wandering the streets of York, South Carolina. It was a really chilly night. According to the officer, Daya, a pregnant pit bull, needed to be sent to a shelter as soon as possible. Officials at Halfway Rescue took her in soon after agreeing to foster her at the shelter.

Later, after a medical examination, it was determined that this unfortunate dog had a problem and needed surgery immediately. If she did not, her life and the lives of her unborn children would be in danger.

Unfortunately, Daya lost her children, but she was able to live. Meanwhile, the poor dog’s heart was broken and she was sad and miserable.

But one day, a sheltered orphaned black dog came to the shelter and everything changed. She looked frightened, confused, and unhappy. She, too, was found on a street corner in York. The little dog, Raisin, had clearly had a difficult life. One of her eyes was badly damaged.

When the staff at Halfway Rescue introduced Raisin to Daya, something wonderful happened.

Daya welcomed this unfortunate pup as if she were watching her unborn child, and Raisin, deprived of maternal love, found comfort. It was as if two disparate parts had been mended. Their loving bond seemed to heal them both. Daya and Raisin have since been adopted and have a new family, but they never seem to forget each other.

Watch the video below to see their beautiful story!

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