A unique snapshot of a pleased crocodile father giving a piggyback lift to over 100 of his youngsters was captured by an Indian photographer.

As is the case with humans, all fathers are diverse in the animal kingdom. Some abandon their cubs immediately after birth, while others flee to other species in order not to start a family. In the case of crocodiles, it is common for the mother to manage her offspring from the time the eggs are laid until the young are moved to a safe place in her mouth.

Gavial is not your typical crocodile. This species is endangered. Gavials are quick and nimble in the water, but they do not like to go on land, and their small legs and strong body make them awkward, so they can only move by crawling. Their small, toothed jaws are ideal for fishing, but not for defense or attack. Gavial, like other crocodiles, is unable to move his newborn offspring from the beach to protected backwater, where he carefully hides them between his jaws. Then the father of the crocodile appears.

He puts all the little lizard-like crocodiles, which cannot yet swim on their own, on his back and transfers them to the shelter.

Indian photographer Dhritiman Mukherjee was able to capture unique images. He enjoys taking a peek into the wonderful and inspiring happenings in the animal kingdom of his country. Even he had a hard time getting close enough to photograph this toothy behemoth. This Indian man made it to the finals of the coveted 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for his photograph of his father this year. He claims that he wants to bring endangered creatures to the public’s attention by showing them through a human lens.

People know how loving and attentive parents the rare freshwater gavial are and may no longer want to turn them into bags or medicines.

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