Abandoned And Helpless Dog Laying Motionless In A Cold Ditch For Days And Receives No Help From People

This is Asusena! In one of the worst cases of abandoned animals in history, this poor dog was lying in plain sight in the middle of the road and, given her heritage, had been there for a long time. It remains a mystery that human cruelty has reached this level.

“This case moved me to tears. My heart broke when I saw her lying in the ditch under the scorching sun. She was sleeping in the ditch because she had no place to sleep,” says Abrigo Au, the family volunteer who found her. Her body was rough and her skin was inflamed. She was scared and ran away, but the warmth of a friendly volunteer stopped her. She was so surprised. So many shops, so many people passing by. No one stopped to help her. How can they pretend that she doesn’t exist? How can they ignore all this suffering?

I feel so helpless in front of such indifference, cruelty, neglect, lack of money. But even so, I could not find the courage to go and leave her alone,” the volunteer explained. “I don’t know, but we think she will recover. And I am glad that she responded. She will no longer be hungry, she will no longer sleep on the street, she will no longer come in the rain. I gave her the name Asusena!”

With all the help she went to the hospital for examination. This is an old animal that suffers and feels all the pain of abandonment. Also her liver and spleen were enlarged. Asusena will be under observation for at least another 30 days. She is very sick, does not get up and does not eat.

In just 20 days she has made great progress.

More than a month has passed, Asusena has changed beautifully and deserves to start a new happy life.

Does anyone else recognize this little girl? Asusena.

Look how beautiful and sweet she is!

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