After a year, the deaf and blind dog knew her grandfather.

Bitsy is a great dog who is both deaf and blind. When she first showed up at the Heiden Crystal home, her father worried if he would be able to raise her.

But a year later, this bright dog had proven herself to be a worthy addition to their family. Bitsy was so active, playful, and sweet that she was a joy to be around. Crystal and her father, Steve, were two people she adored.

Dog and man shared an amazing relationship. They quickly became the best of friends. Steve was her sweet grandfather. She loved spending time with him, hanging out, walking, and playing.

But because of COVID, Crystal and Bitsy became isolated from the rest of the family. They lived on their own; a year later they had the opportunity to meet again.

Steve was curious and excited to see if the dogs would get to know him after such a long separation.

The meeting was a complete shock. Bitsy recognized him immediately as her favorite and was overjoyed to see him again. She hugged him and began kissing him. The experience was wonderful and full of intense emotions.

Crystal was confident that this devoted dog would never forget her adoring companion. The fact that they were together again was incredible.

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