After an accident, a brave dog saved his owner’s life, never stopping even though he injured his own paw in the process.

This miraculous rescue was shared with subscribers by a Reddit member with the username u/shotgun-octopus.

He said he was doing renovations at a residence where only he and his devoted dog, Ham, lived. Then the unexpected happened. A man went down the stairs and passed out. A pit bull saw him and came to his aid. When the man groaned, the ham growled loudly, seized the victim’s shirt with his teeth, and began dragging him. Neighbors were alarmed by the noise and an ambulance was dispatched.

When the pit bull pulled his owner, he suffered a laceration-like wound on his front leg, but did not realize it at the time. Doctors at the hospital where he was admitted were surprised that the guy survived. The situation was critical, and the man was found to have a broken knee, many broken ribs, and an open skull when he fell to the ground.

The man later assured social media users that he was fine.

Of course, recovery from his injuries will take time, but doctors are optimistic in their predictions.

“Thank you, Ham,” the author thanked the creature that saved his life.” You are one of my closest friends!”

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