After finding him abandoned on a porch, a woman adopted a cat with abnormally large “glass” eyes and named him Porg.

A Chicago family once discovered a package on their doorstep. When they opened it and peeked inside, they found a black and white kitten with exceptionally large eyes inside.

And that kitten looked untidy. She also found that it had a cut on its neck, and its mother rushed it to the veterinary clinic. At the veterinary clinic, the incision was sutured and veterinarian Elise Hall examined the cat’s condition.

“The first day he was embarrassed and depressed, but from the second day he started trying to play. And his big eyes made him stand out,” Ellis adds. This particular kitten quickly entered the veterinarian’s mind and he couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Pogue was given to the kitten by Alice in honor of the “Star Wars” character Pogue, who also has big eyes.

Pogue initially appeared to have a congenital eye abnormality, but she also noted that his skin was abnormally loose, and he was examined. As a result, the kitten was found to have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is characterized by flaccid skin and loose joints.

Ellis adds, “It was already clear then that Pogue was going to be part of my family.”

Ellis began dressing Pogue in stretchy clothes, applying eye drops to his large eyes, and protecting his skin. As a result, Pogue became much healthier and began to grow.

He is now all grown up and there is nothing he can’t do.

He remains a strange cat with big eyes, but medical problems no longer bother him. Ellis calls him a “unique feline.”

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