After spending years on the streets, a sick and freezing cat knocked on the family’s door and begged to be brought inside.

A heartbreaking scene unfolded as a lone ginger cat banged on the door and called for help. Fortunately, the homeowner was a friendly lady who welcomed this sad cat without hesitation.

On Valentine’s Day, this Quebec woman heard strange noises coming from outside and rushed to the door of her house to see what was there. To her surprise, she saw a defenseless cat looking for help. Kitty was freezing and looked sick. The kind woman immediately opened the door and began taking pictures of the kitten, which she later sent to Marie, the owner of the shelter.

When Marie Simard saw the images of the cat, she asked the kind woman to bring it to her clinic. Then, within 30 minutes, the lady came to her clinic. The cat was in terrible condition. The vet’s examination revealed a variety of diseases in this cat, including frostbite, rotting teeth, fleas, and even open wounds. She also had diabetes and skin allergies.

He was named Aslan by the staff, and despite his poor health, he was kind to the entire vet staff, laid back and friendly enough that they suspected he was an abandoned cat. With several illnesses, Aslan would not have survived the harsh winter. However, Aslan was able to get assistance at the door of the right veterinarian, despite his circumstances. Aslan also had vision problems and needed surgery.

Aslan’s appearance improved day by day. He was a kind and gentle cat who became good friends with two other cats from the shelter. He didn’t like to go outdoors and seemed to have forgotten his horrible life outside. Aslan likes to cuddle and nap on his favorite pillow.

Let’s pray that this brave cat overcomes his illness, is quickly rehabilitated and adopted, and finds a forever loving home.

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