An abandoned puppy gets comforted by a stray cat while waiting for its owners to return.

According to witnesses, the previous owner abandoned the dog after moving to a new apartment where canines were likely prohibited.

The dog would not leave the front door where it lived with its owner, indicating that it was waiting for its owner. This is not surprising, given that the dog does not believe in betrayal. The abandoned animal is being fed by a kind tenant.

In addition to the excellent human, the dog now has a cat who plays, eats, and even sleeps on the front porch with him.

The residents of Entrance claim that their friendship is incredible and that they get along like only good friends can. The people felt sorry for the animals, who were on the verge of homelessness, and decided to take them to a veterinary clinic to find them new homes.

They got the cat first, and then the savvy dog fled the place after being frightened by a trap.

But after a while, as everyone expected, he came to the rescue of his mate. They did not bother to look for the dog in the area because they knew he would not abandon his mate.

They were apprehended and promptly taken to the vet, where, thankfully, they were found to be in good health.

The animals are frightened by the new situation, but they are still helping each other as they always have. We hope they will find new homes with loving owners as soon as possible.

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