Artists create images of homeless dogs that are simply seductive, resulting in them finding everlasting homes.

Artists draw pictures of stray dogs to help them find loving foster homes.

The finished artwork is hung in supermarkets and other busy places. My friends Natanee Miller and Karen Spidle went to an event called “Draw Your Pet” in the United States. Participants were able to draw their own pictures of their pets and of dogs and cats in shelters during the event.

It was there that Nataneh met a 5-month-old puppy named Napster. His humility and serenity charmed the woman.

Natane painted a picture of the boy and donated it to the shelter, hoping to find a foster home for him. But the dog died of an illness a few weeks later.

Natanee and Karen then teamed up to form the non-profit organization Cheddar Paws Dog Art.

It brings together artists, business owners, animal rights activists, and casual animal lovers to find new homes for dogs. They do this with the help of art.

Karen and Nathani display animal paintings created by Pennsylvania portrait artists in supermarkets and other public places. As a result, 138 pets have found new homes.

Karen Spidle says, “Today, our painters have painted 197 canines, and 138 of them have already found new families.”

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