Because he’d never been inside before, the rescue dog struggled to enter his foster home.

Boomer, a pit bull, is distrustful of strangers.

When rescued from the shelter, this dog was frightened and would not cross the threshold.

As a result, the new owner had to struggle to gain this pet’s trust. According to veterinarians, Boomer has a heart condition and a broken leg that has not healed. He also had a gunshot wound. No wonder Boomer was afraid of people and no longer trusted them.

Moreover, his new owners feel that the dog is afraid to enter the house because he was previously severely punished for entering the house.

Boomer was one of four stray dogs that lived among the people and was hired as a “target practice” dog. When Samantha Zimmer chose to take those four dogs to her own home, he changed their fate. He initially refused to follow the woman, so she had to entice him by offering him gifts.

Boomer refused to leave his cage and cross the threshold in his new home.

”He was just so upset,” Samantha Zimmer said. ‘It was obvious he wasn’t allowed in the house but wanted to go in. Samantha spent a month convincing Boomer that he was not the enemy and that he could be trusted. As a result, the dog was able to cross the threshold. He now not only runs quietly around the house, but also enjoys lounging on the couch with his new family.

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