Because of the death of her cat, an adolescent girl began assisting animals and later discovered him while working at an animal shelter.

Hannah Rountree, 15, lost her pet cat three years ago. Her black and white pet, Spanky, ran away while the whole family was on vacation.

They searched for over a day, moving around the district, but were unable to locate her. Hannah was only 12 years old, but Spanky remained in her heart forever, and she decided to devote all of her free time to animal rescue. When Hannah was old enough, she began helping out at a local shelter. She started her second shift at the Saving Grace Animal Adoption Center and was looking forward to playing with the cute kittens.

What she didn’t expect was to run into her long-lost pet. Spanky had been found by her. The girl’s attention was instantly drawn to a strange black and white cat sitting in a cage off to the side. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but it was unmistakably him.

‘Does this look like my cat? It looks so much like Spanky!”

The cat had recently been moved to the shelter and was still adjusting to his new surroundings and had not yet begun looking for a new home.

But it seems that is no longer necessary. A new – no, old – home has been found. Hannah’s story surprised the shelter workers, who found it hard to believe. They needed to find out how Spanky ended up at the shelter, and all clues pointed to the idea that it was the same cat that had disappeared three years earlier.

Shelter staff said Spanky was found on the street in the fall, brought to the shelter, bathed, and placed in good hands.

He didn’t stay in his new home for long, however. His owners were looking for a rat catcher, but Spanky was too gentle and inadequate, so he was returned to the shelter. This failure was Spanky’s greatest achievement. Hannah was elated to have Spanky back in her arms and amazed at the serendipity that brought them together. Spanky was welcomed by Hannah and her family like a long-lost relative. He immediately became affectionate toward her and acted as if he had never been gone.

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