Cat Celebrates That She Managed To Have Her 7 Babies Born In A Safe And Comfortable Place

The cat, who needed help for herself and her kittens, was relieved to see them thriving in a safe environment. The cat had been rescued shortly before giving birth and was sent to a veterinary clinic in Brisbane.

The team immediately called Best Friends Felines, an organization they work with; their new task was to provide all the care for the new mother.

The kitten moved from the street to a home and a comfortable atmosphere where she could finally enjoy good food and all the care her rescuers could provide. One of the volunteers said on this occasion:

“She is such a curious and beautiful cat.” I’ve been raising cats for over 15 years and I’ve never seen a cat with blue eyes like hers. It is incredible.”

Amity, an adorable cat, has been wanting to relax and unwind since she came into the hands of her guardians, and she finally got to do so.

“I tried to spend as much time with her as possible every day. She loved being stroked on her tummy.”

A few days after giving birth, Amity went into labor and insisted that her guardian be there to help her bathe the babies.

They thought it was all over after the birth of five kittens, but an hour later they were surprised to find a sixth baby. Since the cat was not interested in cleaning up after herself, her guardian did it.

However, the foster mother found that there were more kittens than she expected. In this regard, she said:

“I did a double take and counted seven babies; when I found out there were seven, I brushed her and she immediately latched on and started nursing.”

For the next few days, Amity happily tended to her litter of seven kittens, caring for them and feeding them throughout the day. Her appetite dropped dramatically and she developed some gastrointestinal issues that needed immediate attention.

Luckily, Georgina, a veterinarian and newborn caregiver, arrived to give her all the help she needed.

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