Duck, who was rescued as a child, constantly returns to the guy who saved his life.

Steven Thibault of Nahant, Massachusetts, spotted a young duck drowning in a pool from his window one morning a few years ago. He immediately ran to help the baby. After the man removed the chick, he tried to locate the mother, but was unsuccessful.

Steven then took the duckling home and raised it himself. Cheerio ate well and grew up so fast that Steven considered releasing the bird back into the wild.

The duckling, on the other hand, was in no hurry to leave his father. Cheerio would spend all day outdoors, flying, swimming in the ocean, and socializing with other ducks, returning home in the evening while his father worked.

Steven is psychologically prepared for the day when the ducklings will abandon him forever, but this way of life seems to suit him and he has no intention of changing. Stephen is thrilled with Cheerio’s bustling social life, as any caring owner would be, but he is equally pleased that Cheerio has chosen to spend his evenings and nights with him.

When the man comes home from work, the ducklings are already waiting at the door. Neighbors smile as this odd pair makes their way around the yard. Steven’s biggest concern was that the ducklings, fed by the man, might not be able to communicate with the family.

Cheerio, on the other hand, was quick to join the troop.

According to Steven, the ducklings seem to get anxious when surrounded by women, and the man occasionally comforts them from the beach. But in general, things are going well. Cheerio has made friends with a variety of birds, including eiders, mallards, geese, and gulls that winter in the calm waters of Nahant.

Steven’s cat, Leeds, is also a big fan of the social ducklings. They often spend time together in the backyard.

Steven had no idea that Cheerio would become his faithful buddy when he brought home a wet duck a few years ago. He recognizes that this duckling belongs in the wild, but doesn’t demand it – his door is always open for this duckling.

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