Dying Dog Locked Up In A Crate And Covered In Feces Gets An Extreme Transformation By Love

In November, Animal Control in Austin, Texas received a call about a dog lying in a filthy cage.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found an emaciated, completely bloodied, and torn to pieces dog. When supervisor Ewa Wagnеr looked closer, she saw the dog’s ribs were moving.

The dog was still barely alive and was immediately taken to Austin Animal Hospital for treatment, Ewa Wagnеr told the Huffington Post. Her wrist was so low on the thrombometer that she couldn’t move at all. We thought there was no chance she would survive.

But a colleague, Elizabeth Mancandra, a vet tech, came to the rescue. Over the next two hours, she administered life-saving medication to the dog.

She also gave the dog a hot bath and dried her with a hair dryer to raise her body temperature. For the first few hours, I talked to her and told her I loved her,” Mansilla said. He named the dog Sophia and decided to adopt this little survivor.

The dog has made a full recovery and is much loved by her new family. She will never skip a meal or be cold again,” Elizabeth said.In November, police officers received a report of a stray dog lying in a dirty crate.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the dog torn to pieces. It was completely neglected and crippled. Her body temperature was too low and her thymus gland was not moving. She wasn’t even moving at all.”

“Everyone thought she was going to die I kept telling her everything was going to be ok.

She would never experience the past again. Her future will be exactly what she wants it to be.

Watch the video below to see the full story.

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