Finding a 55-pound wounded and abandoned dog, a woman carries him for 6 hours on her shoulders, saving his life.

Tia, a kind single mother, and her father were hiking in the mountains when they came across an injured dog lying still beside their route. Upon closer inspection, the dog was badly damaged and unable to move or walk. The dog had been abandoned and left to die in the woods.

Tia and her father, on the other hand, had no intention of abandoning this unfortunate creature to die in isolation and suffering.

She chose to walk back to safety with the big, heavy dog, weighing about 55 kilos, on her shoulders. Tia used all of her strength to carry the heavy dog to the foot of the mountain to save this vulnerable creature.

Thus, even the seemingly impossible can have the power to be overcome by the conditions we face.

But Tia was determined to keep walking. When she got tired, she rested on a rock with the dog on her tummy.

Tia finished her journey after 6 hours and 6 kilometers of trekking. She saved the life of an unfortunate puppy. She was later able to locate the puppy’s owner, who had slipped in a snow crevasse and fallen off a 100-foot cliff.

Despite a long and difficult recovery process, the rescued dog, Boomer, is now healthy and happy with his caring new owners who rescued him and gave him a second chance at life.

Below is a link to the inspiring story.

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