For his amazing ability to follow human smell, a life-saving search and rescue canine has been called “SuperTed.”

Ted is perhaps the best rescue dog in the UK. He was instructed to search for missing people in the woods, those who were too weak to move. He can follow a trail for miles and can obviously bring his owner to the person.

When Ted finds a person, he runs ahead, and when he returns to his owner, he leaps up.

“Hey, let’s go. We found him!” “Look, there he is!” Ted’s superior senses are based on his ability to detect the pheromone “chemistry” emitted by unmoving humans. The energetic biker and the retiree stranded in the woods each give off a unique scent. Moreover, they are not simple odors that can be detected by the human nose, such as sweat. To learn how to follow the trail without being distracted by dogs or artificial scents, border collies had to undergo a long and rigorous training program.

As a puppy, Ted was supposed to be a shepherd dog. But his owners recognized the collie’s wonderful scent and knew they could not let such a gift go to waste.

Ted, like all Border Collies, is very smart, well disciplined, understands human language, and can follow complex instructions.

The breed’s qualities also make it suitable for the role of “the Sherlock Holmes of dogs,” as it is known in England. Light collies operate not only in the woods, but also on wreckage, such as after acts of terrorism or natural disasters. Ted’s appearance on a TV show about the English countryside earned him the title of semi-official and the unwavering affection of millions of people.

Dogs had to track him down. And he did a great job!

The owner and photographer were led straight to the “shivering in the cold” entertainer. But before he had time to shiver, a rescue arrived in the blink of an eye. Ted is praised as a “smart and cute young man.”

Viewers have asked for a program in which this rescue dog searches for missing or lost humans. The dog’s work, according to one young man, makes him cry.

Ted has been called “a real superhero,” “Super Ted,” and “an awesome neighborhood hero.” Someone is making a prediction.” He said, “It will be on BBC Prime soon.

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