Huge dog is terrified of boxes, darkness, and an elderly cat, and his sole comfort is his blanket.

Shauna Halstad’s dog, Flynn, appears to be huge: at one year old, he weighs 110 pounds and is the same height as an adult when standing on his hind legs. Despite this, the dog is frightened of numerous things.

According to Flynn’s owner, he is afraid of boxes, the dark, bags, and even the old cat he lives with. However, a blanket eliminates those fears.

stick to it with their teeth or cuddle it. They also carry the blankets with them and may not like having them taken away. Shawna brought home a small fleece blanket for Flynn when he was a puppy. She intended to use it to clean the dog’s feet after walks. Flynn, on the other hand, had a different idea.

When he woke up, he would drag the blanket around the house and backyard between his teeth. So the owner had to purchase two more similar blankets to provide a replacement.

These blankets seem to have helped the dog gain courage.

Flynn is afraid of squirrels and rabbits, even though he is hundreds of times larger than they are. Still, he is a wonderful pet who adores everyone in the family.

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