In Lucera, a merry bunch of neighborhood cats have made the town’s Christmas tree their favorite lounging location.

Residents of Lucera have transformed the city’s largest Christmas tree into a shelter for feral cats.

When city planners created the first design for the 2022 Christmas tree, they had no idea that the cats that regularly inhabit the square would mistake it for their new home.

Italy was one of the first countries in Europe to catch on. More than two years later, the small community of Lucera has learned to live differently. The central square is decorated with a Christmas tree, but the decorations are unconventional.

Instead of the traditional lights and balls, it was decorated with miniature wooden houses with funny shaped windows and doors. But no one expected a bunch of big-city cats to make physical homes out of figurative dwellings. The striped and spotted street thieves heartily approved of the idea of constructing a giant climbing pit for them in a metropolitan square.

In fact, humans may have just given the cats another place to live. Cats have lived in the main square of Lucera for a long time. They were here to feed, massage, and take pictures.

And instead of the usual cats, people brought Christmas tree frames to the square.

Meanwhile, the tailed residents were not offended. They concluded that it was only a gift from the locals. The tree was put up to remind them of the hard times in the world. But the tailed residents grabbed it and transformed it into their own little amusement park, much to the delight of the two-legged residents.

They say, “This is a symbol of hope.”

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