Loyal Dog Takes It Upon Himself To Guard Exhausted Soldier At Airport Terminal

The bond between a soldier and a comrade-in-arms is stronger than any other. Built by love and trust and tested by hardship, these friendships are irreplaceable. And the time caught on cam below shows how true this is…

In a terminal at the Indianapolis airport, a photographer happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to pass a team of soldiers passing through there… 10 soldiers and 2 dogs had some downtime before heading out, many of whom decided to capture a quick nap.

Then one particularly exhausted soldier’s comrade-in-arms took up the role of watchman, lying directly on top of her to protect her while she slept. It is so deeply rooted in these canines to serve their humans, at all costs, and it is really here to reveal in ordinary, everyday applications. How beautiful it is.

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