Marie, the panda-like kitten from Spain, is doing well after being discovered in a box.

This infant was found abandoned in a box. Its natural appearance immediately caught the attention of rescuers.

Officials from ADAC Cerdanyola, a Spanish animal protection center, took in the girl and her two brothers. They were placed in a box and in poor condition. At the time they were about 2-3 weeks old. Olga, a volunteer, immediately began caring for these children. They need immediate medical intervention.

Olga explains, “The box was damp and filthy, and we have no idea how long they had been there before they were found.” Unfortunately, of the three newborns, only little Marie, who resembled a panda, survived. The guardians did everything in their power to save her.

As Marie recovered, she became a very affectionate cat. She clung to Olga every time she ate her food and demanded attention.

The little kitten then made a mate. Olga took care of two more kittens. Marie became their buddy and began spending time with them. In their temporary home, the panda cats are happily living with their buddy.

Marie will soon find a permanent home and a loving family.

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