Mostaccioli was born with a mustache-like mark over her mouth, and she has a lot of fans on the internet.

The cat has become a social networking celebrity because of its looks.

Her Instagram account has over 7,000 followers. Mostaccioli is a cat with a “mustache”. Despite being only 1.4 years old, he has already gained followers on social networking sites.

“The greatest approach to getting my mustached girl’s attention on a shot is to shout her name or make strange noises that make her glance over.” The owner states, “My camera roll is full of hundreds of photos, so I can pick a few decent ones.

Along with her brothers, the girl claimed to have found the cat.

Only Mostaccioli in the family had “whiskers.”

“My mother was watering the garden when she heard the kitten scream. She then immediately called my number. As it turned out, all four kittens were wet. I dried them off, cleaned them up, and even tricked them with a big booth to keep them under my watch,” the girl recalls.

Mostaccioli was weak, so his owner fed him. His “mustache” went unnoticed by the girl at first.

However, she liked the feature and decided to keep the cat. For other children, the girl found a family.

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