On a frigid snowy day, a stray cat begs to be admitted into the fire station because she is freezing.

A lone street cat once came under the window of a fire station with a hard frost, hoping someone would help him. A firefighter from the Steinbach Fire Station in Canada was passing by when he spotted the little cat staring out the window at him, startling him.

“She was standing outside the window on a cold night. One of the firefighters was walking outside and she ran directly to him.” The cat sat under the window and did not move. It was obvious it had nowhere to go.

The firefighters put the cat inside the room because they thought the cat might freeze if exposed to a strong frost in the middle of the night. It was found to be warm, well visible, filthy and hungry.

The cat, on the other hand, immediately responded with a purr. Fire Chief Kelvin, who already had four cats at home, offered to take care of the cat temporarily. He named her Amber and decided to take her to the vet the next day for a checkup.

The vet determined that she was in good health, with only moderate frostbite on the tips of her ears.

I posted her picture and record on Facebook in hopes that she would be “found. After a few days and no one responding, we took her to the doctor, got her vaccinated, discovered the ear mites, and started treatment immediately. Amber didn’t seem to mind the tests at all and seemed to love the way people looked at her. She was supposed to be at the station, but had the day off.

. They then decided to find her a permanent home. Kelvin added, “I put her picture on Facebook and it looks like she’s already found a home.”

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