Police Officer Helps Drowning Puppy And Adopts Him Immediately

Residents of St. Lucie County, Florida, were finishing a job when they heard a noise that made them stop. It was an almost inaudible whimper coming from a manhole. The puppy had no home, and one of the officers felt it was his destiny to find it, so he adopted it without hesitation.

As the guard was leaving his post, he heard screams coming from the empty camp. Most people would have ignored it, but not these men.

James Gettings was one of the officers who found the puppy forced to float in the sewers. When he was rescued, he was frightened, exhausted, and almost resigned.

They bathed him repeatedly, made him smell like a dog again, and then tried to find his family. But apparently there was no one there, and Gettingler thought it was fate that they had met.

He took him home and named him “puddle.” Now he is growing quietly, with no defects.

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