Rescue of a Sweet Pit Bull found abandoned on the streets in terrible condition

Pit bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs out there. Unfortunately, they usually end up in the wrong hands, and the wrong people abuse them, eventually abandoning them or unilaterally disposing of them.

Matilda is one such dog; Valia Orfanidou, a volunteer with SCARS (the Athens dog shelter), found her in one of the busiest streets in southern Athens.

At first Valia thought that the wounds on her body were caused by dog fighting, but upon closer examination she discovered the real reason.

“She was bleeding from everywhere and most of the marks on her skin looked like dog bites, but we were wrong. Matilda’s skin was sore all over and when we stroked it, it all came off,” writes Valia Orfanidou.

She would suffer from terrible itching that would keep her up at night. She has exfoliative dermatitis caused by leishmaniasis. Sadly, this is very typical here in Greece.

“All Mediterranean diseases such as leishmaniasis and ehrlichiosis are transmitted by parasites and can be easily prevented with a simple spot-on once a year.”

“Matilda’s owner was thrifty and didn’t have an IV, and when she got sick she couldn’t afford a vet, so she took the typical solution of dumping her on the street.”

“Seriously … what is wrong with people? Leishmaniasis can be treated and many dogs make a full recovery. Our vet is optimistic that Matilda will recover very well and has already begun treatment.”

Matilda is now living in a foster home with three other dogs. Says Valia, “And she is finally able to enjoy proper affection.” Once she is healthy enough, she will be available for foster care from SCARS.

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