Rescuers Hide Scar Of A Pit Bull That Was Used As Bait With Cute Hats

Abigail, a pit bull, was rescued four years ago when she was lost on a street corner in Miami. She was badly injured. Her skin was torn down to her eardrum in her right ear and half of her face was missing.

Victoria, founder of Love Is Fur Ever (LIFE) Dog Rescue, noticed Abigail’s picture on the Miami shelter’s Facebook page and decided to help Abigail.

She then took the dog to the vet and at first did not know what had happened. When Abigail’s hair was shaved to treat her injuries, scratches and puncture wounds appeared on her head, neck, and hind legs. It became clear that she had been repeatedly used as food for fighting dogs.

However, Abigail herself proved to be a fighter in a very good way. She endured several surgeries and skin grafts. During the weeks of recovery, the bandages on her face had to be changed several times daily.

Victoria noticed that the gauze over Abigail’s ears resembled ribbons. She bought a headband to put over Abigail. This led to the creation of a Facebook page called “Bonnets for Abigail,” which now has more than 31,000 fans.

People around the world are giving hoods to Abigail to raise awareness about the horrors of dog fighting.

Jason and Megan Steinke of Fort Myers, Florida adopted Abigail in 2017.” She has fit in perfectly with our family.” Megan Steinke said at the time.” There was really nothing rough about her. She came to our home and knew that was where she belonged.”

One might think that Abigail would be afraid of other dogs based on her puppyhood, but she quickly became best friends with Tara, a pit bull mix that Steinemx rescued. Both Abigail and Tara are now certified therapy dogs.

Abigail was awarded the highest title of American Hero Dog at the 2017 Humane Society of the United States Hero Dog Awards, which recognizes “extraordinary acts of heroism performed by ordinary dogs.”

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