Rescuers Intended To Put This Dog To Sleep, But The Dog Chose To Live Instead

When the photo of this black dog initially appeared on social media, many people were skeptical. Because he was so emaciated and sickly, people thought the dog, Billy, was a fake.

When Valia Orfanidou, a dog rescuer, first saw Billy’s portrait in a Facebook post, she was emotional. It was like something out of a horror movie.

“Working in animal welfare in Greece, I see too much suffering every day,” she said, “but that picture really broke my heart.” When I said, ‘Bring him here and I’ll be his foster parent,’ I didn’t know what I was in for.”

Billy was picked up by two volunteers and taken to the vet later that day. When we took him out of the box, I couldn’t even cry because of his suffering and fear.”

We were convinced that the vet must have advised us to euthanize him, since we had protected him on the street so that he could die with dignity. But he did not. He examined him, took a blood sample, and sent us home.”

After that, Billy made an excellent recovery. His weight has returned to normal. He loves to play with other dogs in the house. And today, he lives happily with his family.

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