Salami, a little black stray cat, begs a woman to take her into her home so she can have kittens.

Ida Florack began visiting the woman frequently when she noticed that her homeless black cat, Salami, was about to give birth to kittens.

As a result, Salami took up residence in Florek’s home. After noticing the owner’s cat frequently walking around the backyard, Salami began visiting Ida Florek’s home.

She seemed to enjoy the cat very much,” said the New Orleans-based artist. ‘They were so friendly,’ said the New Orleans-based artist. ‘They were sniffing each other. It was obvious that Salami was more interested in the cat than she was.” It was obvious that she had come to see him and he looked really nice.”

When Ida began feeding the black cat, it soon started coming to the door every morning and meowing. And even though he had to eat, the cat first rubbed against Ida’s leg before moving on to eat.

Later, Salami began to have stomach problems. Florek began treatment and vaccinations.

Eventually, the woman realized that the cat was having a baby. Salami began to play with Florek and they spent more time together.

One morning, Salami came in earlier than usual. Even though it was before 5 am, he was already on the threshold. Even though it was not yet 5:00 a.m., he was already at the door. She laid out an old blanket in the hallway to make room for her feline offspring.

Salami had two litters of kittens first. Florek thought that was a relief, since Salami looked so content.

However, the black cat went into labor again in the middle of the night. Frightened, Florek zoomed in and called for his friends. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I don’t know what to do.

But all went well, and Salami safely delivered two kittens, and Floreak has already found foster homes for four kittens and is keeping them safe. Ida-san chose to keep Salami because she had no other choice after all of this.

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