South Korea’s first honorary rescue dog has been named after a dog who saved its owner’s life.

The dog, named Baekgu, was the first Korean dog to receive the EMT Award. He saved his 90-year-old owner from hypothermia.

On August 25, a woman and her dog disappeared. Surveillance cameras around the home caught it; the 90-year-old owner suffered from dementia, and her absence terrified the family. The police immediately launched a search and found the woman after about 40 hours of searching. She was in a rice field two kilometers from her home.

Her clothes were heavy from the rain and she was unable to get up. It was terribly cold outside. However, the white palace, which did not abandon the mistress, prevented her from getting frostbite. After this, the woman had to go to the hospital and the dog was rewarded.

“Baekgu was especially attached to my mother and seemed as if he was grateful to us.” I was really worried that my mother had been missing for so long in the rain. I am so grateful to Bekug.” He explained, “He is part of our family.

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