The amusing cat Lulu is so grateful to have been adopted that she brings her owner’s slippers to her every morning.

You’ll want to add “adopt a cat soon” to your to-do list when you see this cute cat amusingly thanking its owner for saving her life. Lulu loves being a foster so much that she even brings her owner’s slippers!!!

Lulu came to the shelter in terrible condition. After a few weeks, she looked much better, but no one wanted to adopt her because of her health issues. She had been in a small cage for a long time and was suffering from kidney problems and ingrown toenails. She was also unable to leap.

Nevertheless, she was lucky enough to be taken in by Kayla and her mother, who adored her from the moment they met.

They had no idea that they would experience such delightful joy so soon. Her sweet mother and her wonderful family took great care of the new addition to their family. They took pleasure in feeding Lulu and lavished her with love and affection. After a while, Lulu was feeling much better.

One morning, as the adoptive parents were leaving the house, they saw their pet bringing them slippers. It would be in gratitude for saving his life. After that, it became a custom for this pet. Watch the cute kitty’s gesture of thanks in the video below!

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