The brave small cat has been so close to his enormous dog brothers that he has begun to act like them.

Lincoln the cat becomes good friends with three big dogs.

And he began to think he was one of them. Jill Whitlow was worried about how the three dogs would react when she welcomed the kitten into her home.

But Lincoln quickly became friends with the giant four-legged dogs, and they fell in love with Lincoln and took care of him.

This influenced Lincoln to think of himself as a big dog. Every day, he was chained, fed in a large bowl, and followed instructions in exchange for treats.

Lincoln soon felt like the leader of a pack of dogs.

‘He wasn’t afraid of anything. He didn’t seem to care that he was a three-pound cat and treated him like a member of the dog pack,” notes Jill Whitlow.

Many people are surprised when Lincoln walks down the street with his pets.

The Great Dane is intimidating to many people because of his size.” Although Great Danes intimidate many people because of their size, they are actually peaceful and compassionate, and they blend in well with humans and other animals,” Whitlow said.

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