The couple wanted all eight dogs they had rescued to sleep in the same bed with them, so they built a massive bed for them.

“Now that we’ve given them this, there’s no going back!” Sharing a bed with a dog proved to be a difficult chore for one New York couple.

Chris and Marisa couldn’t sleep well with eight dogs in the same bed. So they decided to expand their location.

What better solution than to build a bigger bed to keep everyone comfortably positioned?

When I say huge, I am not exaggerating. The bed frame will hold two double mattresses. The total length of the bed is over 13 feet. Mike Ford, a custom-made furniture maker and a huge animal lover, approached the couple with the idea.

He enthusiastically endorsed embarking on this work. After six months of work, the miraculous bed was completed. A mini ladder was built into the frame for older dogs who have difficulty jumping onto the bed. A storage space is provided at the bottom.

Mike carved the back of the bed with the footprints of his old dog, who died just a few months ago at the age of 16. Chris and Malisea are the creators of a non-profit organization that rescues sick and aging dogs from shelters and places them with loving new families to live out their days.

They also cover the costs of therapy and rehoming them to a new life.

The two take great care to ensure that as many elderly pets as possible lead happy lives. The family is confident that several more souls will take up residence as well.

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