The dramatic rescue of a lion cub by his mother and three other female lions was witnessed by the photographer.

The lioness risked her own life to save a young man from imminent death.

Apparently the idea of “mother’s love” is no longer worth shouting about. The majority of people know how far a mother will go to protect her own children.

But the more one examines the animal world, the more it becomes clear that for many species, maternal self-sacrifice is not an unfamiliar idea.

According to the Daily Mail, photographer Jean-Fran├žois Largo captured some startling images in Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve.

The image depicts a mother lion cub falling down a cliff. The mother is risking her own life to save her cub, which is about to fall.

If the mother had made a wrong move, both animals would have died.

The three adult lions initially intended to save their cubs. But the other two retreated because the cliff was too steep for their long, tenacious claws.

Only a brave and compassionate mother had the courage to kneel down and help her child, lifting it up with her teeth.

This is a one-of-a-kind picture session that proves how little we know about animals and the altruistic acts we can do for them.

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