The Kitten Was Used As Bait To Hit The Dog, But It Survived!

It saddens me to realize that even in the seemingly enlightened 21st century, there are people who take pleasure in making fun of poor little animals. It is outrageous. Unfortunately, that is exactly what today’s story is about. Look at this poor little guy. From birth, this cat has learned that humans can be very cruel.

No one knows who this defenseless creature came into the hands of, but that is not really important. What is important is that this cat was able to survive such cruel treatment. The baby was found on a street corner. Because, as you know, some bad people painted this cat with blue paint, and that paint is very harmful to animals.

She was taken to a volunteer organization that helps animals. The organization showed the kitten to a veterinarian, who offered to euthanize it and not torture it. However, the animal rights activist did not take extreme measures and turned to another clinic. There they were saved. Veterinarians are convinced that someone had used the kitten as a sort of toy or bait for fighting dogs.

The kitten was soon shaved and new normal wool replaced the dyed wool. However, scratches and scars were soon found beneath the wool. The kitten was named Smurf because of its blue coat color. And now the world knows the story of this child. Smurf is lucky.

Hundreds of people want to take him home. However, we are unable to take him in at this time because he has not yet fully regained his health. We hope this boy will get well.

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